Esl and Citizenship Class-                    2018

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Sewing Classes 2018

Bhutanese cultural Foundation provides social services to all  families with any cultural and religious background. BCFSA is always ready to work to bridge the  donors and sponsors directly with  the families in need.It  aims to create more effective and comfortable environment to receive support and participate in the community development  activities.

Social services facilitates to build stronger communities and promotes equal opportunities. Most of the social services include interpret,doctors visits,transportation,cultural integration, job training,employment,safety awareness, language learning classes,citizenship classes,health education,financial literacy etc.




Enrollment for Nepali Class for children is going on. You can also register online by clicking on the link below. 


Social Services

Building Repair 2018

705 Pittston Ave, Scranton, Pennsylvania 18505, United States


All Classes and activities for 2018 are closed. New classes will resume from March 2019.

Our new program updates will appear here when ready.

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All Classes and activities for 2018 are closed. New classes will resume from March 2019.

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Learn Nepali

Dance & Music 2018

Nepali Class For Children

Heritage Program 2018

Arts and culture

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Christian - slamic - Hindu - Jewish - Sikh
and Buddhist

Time to time there are various awareness programs and trainings organized every year arround. We actively participate in various awareness programmes and trainings in different areas of community development. We work with providers and support them to reach low income families and family with language barriers.Some of the trainings and programs are : Succide and prevention training. Health Awareness program.Drugs and Alcholl awareness and Cultural Orientation.

BCFSA  want and encourages to respect and preserve ones beliefs, values, and practices. Discover arts through creativity and unique cultural elements.The creative art such as painting,drawing,music,dance,literary arts and sports are some of the areas of expression of creativity and imagination.

"Send Your Child to the Nepali class"

BCFSA is a Bhutanese Community Organization in Scranton, Pennsylvania,it's full form is Bhutanese Cultural Foundation of Scranton Association. The organization is registered with the Commonwealth

of Pennsylvania and has obtained tax-exempt status 501(c)(3) with the Internal Revenue Service. 

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